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Monday, August 30, 2010


Hello All!

Hope everyone is enjoying this absolutely glorious cool down. Can you believe that just one week ago, we were sweating it out in temperatures over 100 degrees? Now here we are enjoying crisp cool mornings/ evenings and daytime temps that encourage everyone to get back outdoors.

This autumn like feel brought me back into the kitchen where yesterday, I actually started the oven. How weird is that for the end of August? [Soap box moment: For all of you out there who still don't believe something drastic is going on in our global environment - please think again!]

Back to the strange desire to cook in the dead of Summer. While the weather did help encourage my menu of a baked turkey meatloaf, simmered collard greens with cayenne and garlic , bay infused garlic mashed potato's and a freshly baked peach pie complete with a Cinnamon & nutmeg crust, it really was my daughters cold that began last Thursday that was the main motivator.

Corrina came home Thursday with a very bad sore throat. Immediately, we went into our "someone is sick" mode. For us, this means lots of fluids, freshly squeezed local citrus [Thanks, Mr & Mrs. Farquhar for the fruit stand at Wabash that was open last Friday and ready with the oranges we needed!] local honey, no processed foods [sugar, packaged foods] and lots of rest [staying in pajamas is not only encouraged, it's mandatory!], changing the bedding and bleach to surfaces.

By Sunday, this virus was still holding on strong! We shifted into phase two which included sitting in a steam filled bathroom inhaling essential oils of oregano, red thyme and eucalyptus, adding Dynamo juice to the diet [Trader Joes], and lots of garlic, onion and home cooked collard and mustard greens! [simmered for hours in fresh turkey broth infused with cayenne pepper].

We have all heard that food is medicine. Sometime it is the antiviral properties of foods like onions and garlic that help to make us feel better. Sometimes it is the mega dosage of pure raw vitamins, minerals & enzymes found in local oranges and honey [Thanks, Annie for the honey from your "girls" - it is one of the few things making Corrina's throat feel better instantly.]Sometimes, just filling the house and our bodies with the warmth, aroma and nourishment from lovingly prepared foods allows is enough to encourage the healing process.

This morning, I read an interesting article on MotherEarthNews all about building immunity. This article should be a must read for all of us- and it could not be more timely. With most schools and universities back in session, the warfare on bacteria and illnesses has resumed. Just last week while in the market, I noticed that the flu shot is once again being offered. NOW is the time to familiarize ourselves with ways to boost our immunity BEFORE the official cold and flu season hits!

Another word on colds. They are not always a bad thing. Sometimes, they are our bodies way of releasing stored toxins. Many "summer colds" fall into this category. Honor the process. Take in lots of clean pure water. Rest! Laugh. Nurture yourselves.

And for the last words of the day, here's a list of our favorite things for when you don't feel good:

Fresh orange juice - Farquhar Farms, Wabash & Highland Ave - Redlands
Dynamo Juice - Trader Joes
Green Juice - Trader Joes [not the name of it, just the color]
Local Honey
Bee Pollen - Winchester Cheese Co at Thursday Night & Saturday Morning Redlands Farmers Markets
Collard Greens [email me for recipe]
Steam inhalations of herbals - Eucalyptus [take fresh branches and drop into boiling water. Place pot in heat proof surface, cover head with towel and inhale vapors]* Can add oregano leaves as well.
30 Rock
All day in PJ's
warm chamomile tea [any kind will do , it's the soothing heat you will love]

Enjoy the day,


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